In Need of a Little Help With 3QD

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Remember my post on crocodiles, pelicans, stasis, and the meaning of evolutionary success? Well I am proud to say that it is in the running for the annual 3 Quarks Daily Science Prize.  In order to have a shot at winning the thousand-dollar top prize, though, I need your help.

My post – “The Pelican’s Beak: Success and Evolutionary Stasis” – is up against over 80 other blog posts from some very talented science writers. Twenty semi-finalists will be selected from this pool on the basis of popular vote. Right now I’m doing alright – 19 votes at the time of this writing – but I need another boost to have a chance at getting to the next round. If you like my writing and want to help support this freelancer, please go to this link and vote for my entry under “Laelaps”!

Top Image: The extinct crocodyliform Goniopholis scavenges on a Stegosaurus in a reconstruction at the Museum of Ancient Life in Utah. Photo by author.