Ebooks and science: Livestreamed tonight

I’m heading to New York this evening for an exciting conversation about the future of books, hosted by Science Online New York. We’ll be talking about the new opportunities opened up by ebooks and apps, as well as some of the problems they will bring with them. There’s now a waiting list to get into the room, but you can watch it livestreamed here, starting at around 7 pm EST. What makes the event particularly exciting for me is that you could pick any five members of the audience as the panelists, and the conversation would be just as interesting. So the prepared remarks are going to be short (just long enough to show off a few examples of new kinds of science books), and then we’re going to plunge into a wide-ranging, room-wide exchange. We’ll also be tracking questions with the #sonyc hashtag on Twitter, so feel free to join in the conversation.