#scienceink round-up: Der Spiegel, The Toronto Star, and more

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It’s been a busy week for Science Ink!

1. Science Ink was on TV.Science Ink was on TV. The Daily Planet, a Canadian science news show on the Discovery Channel, interviewed me about my favorite tattoos.

2.The Irish Times put Science Ink on top of its list of science books for holiday gifts. (As did MSNBC and io9.)

3. Der Spiegel takes a look.

4. The Toronto Star has a whole package on Science Ink in Saturday’s issue: A Q&A with yours trulyan article by Megan Ogilvie about Toronto-area scientists with tattoos, and a slide show of their tattoos. (I was amazed that there were lots of tattoos I had never seen before!)

5. Just a reminder to folks in Boston: I will be giving a lecture at the Harvard Museum of Natural History on Tuesday, 12/13 at 6 pm. The lecture is free and open to the public. (The parking is free too!) Details are here.

[This tattoo of cyanide is from David Lighthart.]