One man and his superorganism – a review at Download the Universe

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Writer, blogger and parasite-lover extraordinaire Carl Zimmer has created a new blog called Download the Universe, dedicated to reviewing science e-books. Says Carl:

It was clear that ebooks were becoming an extraordinary new medium, rivalling print books in the marketplace and offering opportunities that printed books could not. We saw great things in the future of science books. There was just one thing missing: a way for readers to find out about new ebooks about science. Book reviews were showing little interest; blogs offered scant, diffuse attention. We agreed that what was needed was a science ebook review. Here it is.

Carl assembled his own Justice League of science writers to help with the project, including several names that should be familiar to readers of this blog. There are already several great reviews – don’t miss David Dobbs’s merciless uppercut – and I’ve just contributed my first. It’s a look at one of the Atavist’s first offerings – a piece about ant-loving scientist Mark Moffett. Go read it.