You ask for signed bookplates, you get signed bookplates

At some of my recent talks, I’ve been running into people who’ve been annoyed that they forgot to bring a book of mine to get signed. You really couldn’t think of a better way to cheer up a writer, and so I feel the need to reciprocate.

So if you’ve gotten a book of mine and want to get it signed, I’ve printed up some bookplates that I can autograph and send to you.

Just to ensure I’m not signing bookplates for alien robots who will take these bookplates to their home planet to…do whatever evil thing alien robots do with bookplates from science writers…please follow these steps:

1. Take your picture with the book.

2. Email it to me, with your mailing address and any special signing request. As in, “To Ken Ham, so that someday he may appreciate transitional fossils….”

Optional step 3. For those on Twitter: instead of emailing me your photo, you can upload it to Twitter (mentioning my Twitter name @carlzimmer). Be sure to email me your address, too, so that I know where to send the bookplate.

So far, I’ve got three bookplates–one for Parasite Rexone for Science Ink (in matching Goth type), and one for Planet of Viruses. (See below). It’s weirdly easy to produce these things, so I’m happy to take requests for my other books.

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