Complex science and smart journalism

I had a delightful time at the SpotOn London 2012 conference this weekend, chatting to people about all things related to science, journalism and the internet. For reasons best known to them, the organisers decided to inflict me upon the attendees in three separate panels, videos of which are below.

This one’s on how to do smart journalism in the face of complex science. I lay out my thoughts on why people often criticise journalists for screwing up science reporting in boring ways, when there are more advanced forms of screw-up to consider and avoid.

This one’s about whether information from organisations like my former employers, Cancer Research UK, will replace traditional journalism. Spoiler: No.

And this one’s about safeguarding against fraud and dodgy practices in science. It touches on all the psychology-related material that I’ve been covering for the last year, and has a rather good discussion.