Some of My Favorite Loom Posts To Tide You Over

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I’m off this week for an extended Fourth-of-July break. I won’t be writing any new posts here (except for a pointer to my “Matter” column in the New York Times on Thursday).

But with nearly ten years of archives, I can offer some old favorites to read in the meantime, from oldest to newest:

Hamilton’s Fall: Why leaves change color in the fall.

Spite in a Petri Dish: Spite and bacteria are not two words that usually go together.

Two posts on eyes: building them up and taking them apart.

An Inordinate Fondness for Beetle Horns: A post on the research of Doug Emlen, who later became my textbook co-author.

Florida, Where The Living Is Contradictory: Evolution-based biotech and creationism thrive in the same state.

The Wisdom of Parasites: On discovering the emerald jewel wasp, a sinister brain surgeon.

Behold, For I Am The Giant Flatulent Raccoon! How Ann Coulter became obsessed with my appendix.

A Dead Dog Lives On (Inside of New Dogs): More details on contagious cancers.

Cystic Fibrosis? Blame Eve. A look at Young Earth Genomics–with a creationist making a fascinating guest appearance in the comment thread.

Dawn of the Picasso Fish: A fossil fish halfway to being flat.

The Human Lake: Medicine as ecology

“You, My Friend, Are a Wonderland”–What’s living in my bellybutton.

Fifty-seven Years of Darkness: Evolving with the lights out.

The Birth of the New, The Rewiring of the Old: An experiment with E. coli produces what may be a new species