Photograph Courtesy of The Opte Project
Photograph Courtesy of The Opte Project

I’ve Got Your Missing Links Right Here (23 April 2016)

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From me at the Atlantic:

Scientists have discovered a 600-mile coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon River. By Robinson Meyer

Julie Beck on the future of menstruating in space (or maybe, not menstruating in space)

The dark tales of the world’s most epic sleep-talker. David Robson on “somniloquies”

“Each particle interaction takes about 4 microseconds, so we have to sift through data to find the 50 microseconds a year of data we actually care about.” J. M. Porup on a frozen neutrino observatory. With amazing pics.

Beautiful cryptic cards and chromascape art from Immy Smith

My friend Kathryn Schulz won a Pulitzer prize for her incredible earthquake piece, and I couldn’t be happier.

A Snow Leopard showing off.

On feeding the trolls, or not. Wonderful insightful piece by Adrienne LaFrance

Great piece on a long collaboration between British, US, and North Korean volcanologists. By Sarah Zhang.

What It’s Like To Be The Only Painter In Antarctica. By Cara Giaimo

“This is an unprecedented event that has never been done before in the world.” Maryn McKenna on swapping out a new polio vaccine.

The Twilight State Between Wakefulness and Sleep is a Window into Consciousness. The wonderful Vaughan Bell makes his Atlantic debut

Veronique Greenwood writes about learning Mandarin as an adult.


“It is arguably the most clever CRISPR gadget to date.” Sharon Begley on the latest in the CRISPR story.

“We’ve kind of been bullshitting people for a decade.” Positive mindfulness research is overreported.

Elk produce the eerie noises by whistling and roaring through their vocal cords at the same time.”

Engineers are finishing a giant arch–largest moveable structure ever–to entomb the Chernobyl reactor for 100 years

Why some moths are evolving to avoid artificial light

Look at These Beautiful Planets JK They’re Bacteria From Public Buses

Queen’s birthday message is etched on Corgi hair with focussed ion beam

Skepticism about the “genetic superheroes” from the Resilience Project paper

One in 25 papers contains inappropriately duplicated images, screen finds

More people are likely to have reached the summit of Mount Everest than have been to the top of an old-growth redwood

What will be the long-term effects of Zika?

The US Is Playing a Dangerous Game of Musical Chairs With Nuclear Waste

The insect collection at the Field Museum has 12 million specimens.

Cadaver study casts doubts on whether tDCS can actually stimulate the brain at all

How these island rats survived 75 metric tons of poison

The CDC recommends against forming a human pyramid with the diseased guy at the top.

On whether insects have subjective experiences

Synthetic biology tackles global antivenom shortage

Gene-editing research in human embryos gains momentum

New fossils show that when some dinosaurs hatched, they were left on their own in harsh environments:

Deadly animal prion disease appears in European reindeer

David Attenborough’s early films to be shown in colour for first time

New monkey species found thanks to distinctive penis

Boaty McBoatface to receive fake stage name that no one will use because obviously it’s Boaty McBoatface

Irreproducible cancer research wastes many billions every year. By Dan Engber

That viral photo of two “male” lions mating? One is likely a female

Why a yellow fever outbreak in Angola is a “potential threat for the entire world”



Quis splainiet ipsos mansplaines?

Report: 79% Of Sincere Thoughts Played Off As Jokes

It’s Okay to Think of the Gilmore Girls As Your Real Friends

Who invented eggs Benedict—a traitor, a pope, or a hungover dude?

Watch a Calligrapher Turn Shopping Lists Into Art