Braised Goat Leg & Shoulder

Marinated for at least six hours and garnished with a colorful berry chutney, this New Zealand favorite makes an impressive presentation at any table.

Photograph by National Geographic / Lisa Corson
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Braised goat leg and shoulder with sweet potato flatbread and fuchsia berry chutney.
Photograph by National Geographic / Lisa Corson

Braised Goat Leg & Shoulder

Marinated for at least six hours and garnished with a colorful berry chutney, this New Zealand favorite makes an impressive presentation at any table.


For Goat:

1 bone-in goat leg
1 bone-in goat shoulder
¼ cup rosemary leaves chopped fine
2 tbsp thyme leaves chopped
¼ cup olive oil
2 tbsp flaxseed oil
2 tbsp minced garlic
1 tbsp smoked paprika
1 tbsp ground coriander seed
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp black pepper
1 ½ tbsp salt
15-20 grape leaves (can substitute banana leaves if grape leaves are unavailable)
kitchen twine
2 quarts chicken stock

For Fuchsia Berry Chutney:

1 cups fuchsia berries (can substitute sweet red currants) 1 tbsp butter
1 shallot, diced finely
1 tsp minced garlic
1 tsp minced ginger
1 tbsp brown sugar
¼ cup orange juice
2 tbsp red wine vinegar
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

For Sweet Potato Flatbread with Cilantro:

2 large sweet potatoes skin on
2 quarts water
2 tbsp salt
2 tbsp cilantro chopped finely
¼ cup all-purpose flour plus more for dusting
1 tbsp minced garlic
¼ cup butter Maldon salt black pepper

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1. Place the goat leg and shoulder on a large tray.

2. In a mixing bowl, combine all remaining ingredients except grape leaves and chicken stock and mix together.

3. Rub marinade all over goat leg and shoulder and let marinate for at least 6 hours but preferably overnight.

4. Pre-heat a grill until it is very hot

5. Grill the goat leg and shoulder until meat is charred and golden all over and remove from the grill.

6. Arrange the grape leaves on a cutting board so that each leaf is overlapping. Place goat leg and shoulder in the center of the leaves and wrap them tightly using the kitchen twine to tie them up.

7. Place into a large roasting pan, add enough chicken stock to cover halfway up the leaves and cover the pan with aluminum foil tightly.

8. Place roasting pan in a 285F degree oven and braise slowly until goat is fork tender. Check after approximately 3 hours.

9. Once goat meat is falling of the bone, remove goat from the pan and carefully shred the meat.

10. Serve braised goat with fuchsia berry chutney and sweet potato flatbread

11. In a large sauté pan, melt butter and sweat shallots, garlic, and ginger until translucent. Season with a pinch of salt and pepper.

12. Add berries and brown sugar and cook down until berries start to burst and release their liquid.

13. Add orange juice and red wine vinegar and continue to cook over low heat until chutney has thickened slightly.

14. Finish with olive oil and taste for seasoning.

15. In a medium sized pot, combine potatoes, water, and salt and bring to a boil.

16. Reduce heat and simmer until the potatoes are fork tender.

17. Meanwhile, pre-heat your grill until it is very hot.

18. In a small saucepot, combine butter and garlic and warm gently.

19. Remove potatoes from heat and immediately peel them.

20. Quickly mash the sweet potatoes until they are nice and smooth.

21. Add 1 tbsp of chopped cilantro and enough all-purpose flour to make a malleable dough.

22. Season dough lightly with salt and pepper.

23. On a floured surface, carefully knead the dough just until it comes together being careful not to overwork it. Separate the dough into four balls and roll them out with a rolling pin into circles about ¼ inch thick.

24. Grill the flatbreads until lightly charred brushing with the garlic butter throughout.

25. Finish each flatbread with Maldon salt and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro. Serve alongside the braised goat fuchsia berry chutney.