Vibrant traditions, world-renowned cuisine, and spectacular landscapes dotted with glittering temples: it’s easy to see what makes Thailand one of the most enticing places on the planet. Settle into our community and work alongside teachers on education projects at local schools. Spend several days trekking between hill tribe villages in the lush mountains surrounding Chiang Rai, and cap off the trip volunteering at an elephant conservation center.

Days 1-10: Chiang Rai, Thailand

Our home in Thailand lies in the northern province of Chiang Rai, known for its rugged natural beauty and remote hill tribe communities. Spend two days getting to know your fellow travelers, then split into small groups and work with local teachers on a variety of community-initiated education projects. Create English-language lesson plans and teach vocabulary and pronunciation skills to primary school students.

In the late afternoons, get into the rhythm of daily life and explore the surrounding area. Discover the sport of Thai kickboxing; visit the exquisite Wat Rong Khun temple in Chiang Rai city; or take a Thai cooking class. Report on your experiences through photographs, writing, or video, and develop a narrative about your time in the community.

Days 11-12: Mountain Trek

Travel into the mountains to an eco-lodge, located near several hill tribe villages. Set out on hikes to nearby communities, and learn about each tribe’s unique language and customs. Discover the symbolism behind village weaving patterns; learn how to harvest rice on a terraced hillside; or collect native insects with a local guide.

Days 13-14: Chiang Rai

Return to Chiang Rai for an enriching cultural exchange with local high school students. Attend classes with a Thai peer, practice your Thai script, or learn about Thai holidays and traditions. Gather with new friends from the community for a farewell dinner.

Days 15-17: Elephant Conservation Center and Chiang Mai

Travel south to Chiang Mai, and head into the countryside to visit an elephant rehabilitation center. Learn about these creatures’ uncertain role in the evolving Thai economy, and follow free-roaming elephants through the jungle while speaking with their caretakers about modern threats to the species. Celebrate your final evening in Chiang Mai before returning home.