Trip Highlights

Trip Highlights

  • See legends come to life amid the ancient ruins of Delphi and Athens, and write your own myths about the Greek deities.
  • Practice photography while capturing the extreme lean on the Tower of Pisa and Florence’s Renaissance-era streetscapes.
  • Taste delicious Mediterranean dishes, try your hand at making pizza, and learn about sustainable food from chefs, farmers, and market vendors.
  • Immerse yourself in vibrant local culture at Greek street fairs and in tiny Tuscan towns.



Step into the past on a journey to Italy and Greece, where towns and ruins seem frozen in a different era. Alongside knowledgeable Expedition Leaders and a National Geographic Expert, immerse yourself in a world of ancient myths and legends, taste delicious Greek and Italian specialties, and photograph the rich traditions of the Mediterranean.

Days 1-5: Florence & Tuscany, Italy

Settle into our traditional Italian villa overlooking beautiful Florence, and set out to explore the city’s historic center—birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. Visit the Accademia to marvel at Michelangelo’s “David” and seek out sculptures depicting Roman gods and goddesses. Then chat with market vendors to learn the secrets of assembling the perfect Italian picnic. Climb Pisa’s legendary leaning tower, and travel to the Tuscan countryside to explore Machiavelli’s rural estate and make pizza at a farmstead. On photo walks, capture images of medieval hilltop towns and local farmers; and in the evenings, sample the rich flavors of family-run gelaterias.

Days 6-7: Delphi, Greece

Travel to Delphi and enter a world of ancient mythology as you wander these well-preserved ruins. Stand beneath the towering Temple of Apollo, and see the oldest gymnasium in all of Greece. Use photography or writing to tell your own stories of the ancient gods and heroes immortalized by the site’s stone statues.

Days 8-9: Athens

Immerse yourself in Athenian history as we visit some of the city’s most famous sites. Climb the Acropolis, crowned by the iconic ruins of the Parthenon; sample Greek specialties at the Athens Central Market; and examine intriguing artifacts at the National Archaeological Museum, home to more than 11,000 relics of Greek antiquity.

Days 10-13: Náfplio

Cap off your trip in the charming seaport of Náfplio. Go to a town fair, or take a dip in the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Argolís. Visit the well-preserved Greek theaters at Epidaurus, and travel to Mycenae to discover the home of the legendary king Agamemnon. Spend the final days of your journey sharing photos and stories with your new friends as we celebrate along Náfplio’s beautiful beach.