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Image by student Ginger H.

Discovering Glover's Reef

Middle school student Luke M. describes in lyrical prose his experience diving in Glover’s Reef, which forms part of the Belize Barrier Reef System—a UNESCO World Heritage site and the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere.

We awake from a deep slumber,
rising to Ra’s Rage.
Scorching rays piercing our fragile skin,
observing as hermits crawl over the warming sand.

First departure as the clock strikes nine,
gliding across waters bluer than the skies.
We dive under the extensive bath earth provides,
exploring a new, beautiful, underwater utopia.
We watch as a multitude of shy but eye-catching fish,
enjoy a friendly game of hide and seek with us students.
They sneak a peek of the truly harmless group,
and they continue on with their merry lives.

The cool summer breeze brushes silently upon the surface of the teal beauty.
Pelicans up above allow the wind to guide their way.
The current flows and weaves through the coral,
directing a gradual sway.

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Image by trip leader Jennifer Adler

The second excursion begins at two,
we transition from shallow... to deep...
Much like how our relationships solidify,
growing a deeper connection as we move further into the course.

The further we sink down,
The more goosebumps the chilly water sprouts down my spine.
This time, water bluer, current stronger, sea creatures now more boastful,
show off colorful patterns as they maneuver within the lively reef.

The nurse shark rests below,
and the osprey scouts from above.
The barracuda races for the prey,
and the bonefish scramble away.

The sun collides with the horizon,
marking the dead of night.
Disappointed we were, heading back,
desperate for the new day to come.