Team Adventure: The Race
Click this photograph of Team Adventure their boat with flares in hand to read their final dispatch of the 2001 Race.
“It was a spectacular day...”

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Photograph above by Henri Thibault
THE RACE is on!

Starting New Year’s Eve 2000, Team Adventure and six other catamaran crews battled their way from Barcelona, Spain, to Marseilles, France. The long way.

It was called The Race, and it may well have been the race: 26,000 miles (41,834 kilometers) around the world. Nonstop.

As part of Team Adventure’s drive to reveal the science behind the adventure, they e-mailed dispatches and 360-degree photos from what they called the world’s fastest sailboat.

meet Team Adventure
Follow TEAM ADVENTURE as they make their way around
the world.
Meet the crew. Photograph at left by DPPI/Jacques Vapillon
360 degree iPIX images
Explore the boat! 360 degree views of the galley, deck, and cockpit.
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