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Greenland: Southwestern Coast

99 Coastal Destinations Rated: Doing Well

Score: 66

Tourism on this "visually stunning" coastline is "cleaner and better managed than around settlements in the Canadian Arctic." However, ”the effects of global warming are starting to become more obvious.”

Here is a representative sampling of additional anonymous comments from the panelists. They are not necessarily the views of the National Geographic Society:

"Environmental and ecological integrity are superb, but there is little built heritage. Both current and historic structures are very utilitarian in nature. Finding a local Greenlandic guide is extremely difficult. The expense of traveling to Greenland means that tourism numbers are currently manageable. As tourism increases, adequate planning and management must be put in place before we can label Greenland a sustainable destination."

"Trash and litter are a growing concern. However, Sermersooq municipality is making impressive strides towards responsible tourism. Greenlandic people embrace a fascinating culture that can be qualified as 'Modern Arctic' and incorporates a mixture of Danish and Inuit traditions."

"Needs to be carefully managed as climate change hits. Arguably, there is too much grazing. Introduced species must be better controlled."

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