Photograph by Tuomas Lehtinen, Getty Images
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Kayakers paddle around a sea cave at Lokrum Island near Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Photograph by Tuomas Lehtinen, Getty Images

Discover the Best of Dubrovnik

Plan your Croatian getaway with these top 10 tips.

You’ll come to Dubrovnik for the scenery, but you’ll fall in love with the city because of its unique blend of glamour and grit, sea and stone, and wine and truffles.

Natural Wonder

A quick 10-minute ferry ride from Dubrovnik’s port will take you to Lokrum Island, a gorgeous little spot covered in lush pine forest. Not only is the island scattered with walking trails for you to explore, you’ll also find some awesome swimming spots, rocky shores, and colorful peacocks.

National Park

Less than two hours from Dubrovnik via catamaran, Mljet National Park on the island of the same name is not a Croatian site to be missed. With its pristine nature, myths and legends, and turquoise inland lakes, Mljet will have you swooning in no time.

Archaeological Site

The Gornji Ugao Tower, resting within the old town, is a uniquely preserved industrial zone from the late 15th century. The site provides background about how Dubrovnik fortified itself in the late medieval era, and it is home to a museum of many archaeological finds.


The only UNESCO site in Dubrovnik, and a site that you can’t miss no matter how hard you try, is the entire old town area. Not short on amazing sites, the old town in filled with beautiful monasteries, fountains, art, and restaurants.

Cultural Site

Located in St. John’s Fortress next to the old harbor sits Dubrovnik’s Maritime Museum. Dedicated to the city’s long and important naval history, this museum features educational exhibits that will teach you all about Dubrovnik’s seafaring way of life.

Off the Beaten Path

Just a 20-minute drive from Dubrovnik, the region of Konavle is a quaint getaway perfect for any nature lover. In Konavle, plan to go on a horseback ride, rent some ATVs, go olive oil or wine tasting, or set out on a hike.

Late Night

Park Orsula, just outside of Dubrovnik proper, plays host to live music and shows come sundown. Watch the moon rise over the Adriatic as you take in the music and atmosphere. A free shuttle bus is provided for the more popular concerts.

Historic Site

While Dubrovnik is home to many historic sites, your trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Dubrovnik Cathedral Treasury. The cathedral stands on the site of an even older one dating back to the sixth century, is filled with paintings from Croatian and Italian artists, and is home to many famous historical relics.

Local Quirk

The Dubrovnik Maskeron, a gargoyle face made of stone, protrudes from a wall next to the entrance of the Franciscan Monastery. Legend has it that if you stand on top of the gargoyle, face the wall, and then take off your shirt, you will be lucky in love.

Beach Spot

Sveti Jakov Beach, a 15-minute walk from the old town, is a gorgeous pebble beach that offers great views of Lokrum and the old town. This is a popular spot among locals, so if you’re looking to relax and meet some Croatians, this beach is worth a visit.