Photograph by Anthony Charles, Cultura RM / Getty Images


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Visitors gaze around the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele shopping mall in Milan.

Photograph by Anthony Charles, Cultura RM / Getty Images


Everything to Know About Milan

With its chic residents, modern buildings and high-end boutiques, Milan is a must for your Italian itinerary.

Northern Italy has a bit more of a formal, modern, structured feel than its southern counterparts. When you walk through Milan, you feel the city's passion for all things new and exciting, without disrespecting the old. Here you'll find modern street art, skyscrapers and high-end fashion punctuated by a smattering of historic buildings and ancient ruins.

When to Go

The most popular time to travel anywhere in Italy is in the summer, which means sweltering heat and crowds. Late spring and early autumn still offer pleasant weather without the hordes of tourists to deal with. Expect temperatures in the 60s and 70s, with limited rainy days.


Milan's most famous contribution to the modern world, Fashion Week, happens semi-annually in the spring and fall to usher in the new styles of the season. The Italian Grand Prix is held every year in September north of the city in Monza. Both of these events make Milan a prime celebrity-spotting arena in early autumn.

What to Eat

Milan is probably best known for its rich and creamy Risotto Alla Milanese which is prepared with saffron for a beautiful golden hue. It is often served with osso buco (slowly braised veal shank) another local delicacy.

Souvenir to Take Home

In this fashion capital of Europe, locally made leather goods such as wallets or handbags are a good investment as they are well-made and will last a long time so you can remember your trip for years to come.

Sustainable Travel Tip

A car is definitely not needed to explore this happening city. Public transportation and bike sharing are readily available, but the best way to tour the city is by foot. After all, walking through the streets is half the fun.

Instagram-Worthy View

No doubt you will find many a backdrop for selfies and snapshots to fill your feed as you wander the streets, but come late afternoon make time to venture up to the top of "La Montagnetta" or "Little Mountain" in Monte Stella Park, and you will be treated to a gorgeous sunset view overlooking the city.