Photograph by Ciril Jazbec
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The sun sets over the Košuta ridge with Veliki Vrh mountain in the distance. The mountain pass offers a lovely, hidden way to cross the border to Austria.
Photograph by Ciril Jazbec

Discover Slovenia's Lesser Known Alpine Paradise

Nestled among the alpine peaks of northern Slovenia, the town of Tržič is an outdoor oasis.

According to local legend, dragons once roamed Slovenia. Born inside the mountains, one of the dragons grew so large that he cleaved Košuta mountain in half, and the people who lived below fled the storm of falling rocks. When they ran out of breath, they stopped and built the town of Tržič.

Nestled among the alpine peaks of northern Slovenia near the Austrian border, Tržič is an outdoor sanctuary where nature is part of daily life. Thick forest, rolling pastures, and gorgeous mountain trails intersect with traditional farms and villages. From the fossil-covered, 300 million-year-old Dovžan Gorge to the red roofs of the old city, echoes of the region’s natural and cultural history can be found around every bend.

Ciril Jazbec is a National Geographic photographer based in Slovenia. Follow him on Instagram @ciriljazbec.