Beautiful Photos of All 59 U.S. National Parks

From pearly glaciers to sun-soaked beaches, wander through some of the wildest and most iconic landscapes in North America.

Photographer Jonathan Irish embarked on an ambitious journey to visit every U.S. national park in 52 weeks in honor the National Park Service's 100th anniversary. From the crystalline waters of Dry Tortugas to the deep, dark recesses of Carlsbad Caverns, discover stunning highlights from Irish’s 13-month journey through all 59 national parks.

“[National parks] are sacred and cherished places—our greatest personal and national treasures,” says Irish. “It's a gift to spend a year adventuring and capturing incredible images and stories in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.”

Jonathan Irish is a professional outdoor and adventure photographer represented by National Geographic Creative. He was formerly the senior director of adventures for National Geographic Expeditions. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.