Photograph by joe daniel price, Getty Images
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Evening falls in Pioneer Park, Dallas.

Photograph by joe daniel price, Getty Images

Everything to Know About Dallas

Everything is bigger (and a little glitzier) in Dallas.

If everything is bigger in Texas, then everything is bigger in Dallas and a little glitzier too. Dallas is a flashy city where money talks, with an ambitious, youthful vibe and pockets of edgier culture where locals buck the city's reputation for conspicuous consumption.

When to Go

Dallas weather tends to be mild, making most of the year a good time for a visit, but the Texas summer on the lower Great Plains can get scorching. The best time to visit is early spring, before the thunderstorms roll in, or early fall, when it's still warm and sunny while northern cities are getting chilly.


The biggest event in Dallas may actually be when residents of two other cities-college football fans from the University of Oklahoma in Norman, and the University of Texas in Austin converge on the city for one of the most storied rivalries in all of college football. The game takes place at the Cotton Bowl during the Texas State Fair.

What to Eat

Dallas is the capital of cattle country, and visitors would be well advised to reserve a table at an upscale steakhouse for a long dinner leading up to a big, fancy cut of prime Texas beef. Vegetarians…well….try the baked potato?

Souvenir to Take Home

Dallas has an abundance of Western-wear shops, where a visitor can pick up a pair of cowboy boots, and when you wear your new duds out on the town in Dallas you'll fit in just fine.

Sustainable Travel Tip

Dallas and the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area is a sprawling metropolis, making it pretty difficult to get around without a car, but the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system—locals call it "the dart"—is surprisingly convenient, particularly in the Uptown and Downtown neighborhoods. If public transportation can't get you there, rideshare apps are a convenient alternative. The city also has one of the biggest bike share programs in the country.

Instagram-Worthy View

From the west side of the Trinity River, point your camera east at the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and Downtown Dallas—if you get there before sunrise, you'll get a beautiful shot of the sun rising over the city.