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The Congressional Plaza is a popular public park that faces the Argentine Congress in Buenos Aires.

Photograph by Anibaltrejo, Getty Images


Everything to Know About Buenos Aires

This city's gorgeous architecture, local culture, and rich history offers something for everyone.

Buenos Aires is a lively city that only seems to slow down slightly on Sundays. The city has a comprehensive subway system that runs from early morning until around 10 or 11 at night, plus hundreds of bus lines that run 24/7, so you'll never find the streets completely empty. The locals, Porteños, tend to be night-owls, eating dinner late, even on weekdays, and staying out until sunrise on the weekends.

When to Go

Spring (September/October) in Buenos Aires is not to be missed. The weather is sunny but not too hot, which is ideal for a city that requires you to spend a lot of time walking outside or standing in a subway car. Spring is also the time when the city is in bloom, covered in flowering trees that accent the city streets beautifully.


If you're a cinephile, The Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (BAFICI) happens every year in April and features hundreds of films and guest speakers. For more of a party vibe, the annual Marcha del Ogullo (Pride Parade) takes place each November. The parade kicks off with a party in the Plaza de Mayo and the parade covers several blocks.

What to Eat

Argentina is famous for their meat, so you absolutely cannot visit Buenos Aires without visiting a parilla restaurant, preferably a Tenedor Libre (all-you-can-eat) so that you can taste a variety of different meats and cuts. Steak is a must, but don't miss out on other local favorites such as morcilla (blood sausage) and provoleta, a cheese grilled alongside the meats and certainly a part of the overall parilla experience. Empanadas and artesian ice cream fall just behind meat in popularity and deliciousness, so make sure to try those as well.

Souvenir to Take Home

Head to the massive outdoor market in San Telmo, which takes place every Sunday. You can easily spend hours looking at hand-painted crafts, artisan jewelry, high-quality leatherwork, and so much more. Be ready to haggle and keep an eye on your belongings. This market is perfectly safe but always crowded, so pickpockets are known to look out for anyone who is too engrossed in the local wares to watch their bag.

Sustainable Travel Tip

Don't think twice about carrying your trash with you until you can find somewhere to dispose of it. You won't come upon many public trash cans in the city streets and, unfortunately, this leads to quite a bit of littering. Don't add to the problem.

Instagram-Worthy View

El Rosedal is a massive rose garden located within the Parque Tres de Febrero in the Palermo neighborhood. The garden contains more than 18,000 roses of all different varieties. You'll find plenty of archways, benches, and fountains surrounded by roses that will make for the perfect photo.