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Bus2Antarctica: Guatemalan Buses Are Colorful And Full of Chickens

Andrew Evans has made his way through Mexico and is now in Guatemala, riding this bus as we speak. Here’s a summary of some of his best tweets since entering the country. Stay tuned for more, and follow along on Twitter @Bus2Antarctica.

¡Bienvenido a Guatemala! Pasaport stamped & walking up the street of fluttering blue & white flags.

Guatemala: where good schoolbuses go after they die.

The chicken in a bag on the floor of the bus doesn’t seem to appreciate the driver’s hard breaking.

Mayan woman washing clothes in a mountain stream; lays all the colors out on the rocks to dry. Like a crazy rainbow quilt.

Arrived in Huehuetenango. Around 50 madeover schoolbusses compete for passengers.

Paid 25 Quetzales to get to “Xela”: Quetzaltenango.

My ticket from the Mexican border to a town 300 km away = $4.23. DC taxi drivers please take note.

We at Nat Geo are just as addicted to the tweets as the rest of you — thanks so much for following along! Bookmark all of the Bus2Antarctica blog posts here, and follow him on Twitter @Bus2Antarctica. For more information about the Bus2Antarctica trip, go here.

Photo: Andrew Evans. Want more photos of Guatemala? Check out our photo gallery.

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