Digital Nomad: Niagara Falls by iPhone

Our Digital Nomad, Andrew Evans, is in Ontario sharing his travel adventures via photography, tweets, and video (just to name a few.) This recent dispatch comes from the most powerful waterfall in North America, Niagara Falls. Read more about this latest adventure, and follow along with Andrew on Twitter and Facebook.

Niagara Falls by iPhone

By Andrew Evans
Digital Nomad

You can’t visit Ontario and not visit Niagara Falls.

Why not? Because these are the most powerful waterfalls in all of North America and they are too big, too beautiful and too wondrous to pass up. The only problem is that several millions of other people feel the same way. More than 12 million per year, in fact. It’s a busy place.

Like so many, I visited Niagara Falls as a young child. I came back as a teenager and then again last week. They seemed less gargantuan than when I was eight, but nonetheless, I was quite happy to see that they’re still there. In popular culture, Niagara Falls has become a touchstone of permanence, a symbol that no matter what, some things never change.

Humans are forever awed by the falls and I am no exception. I am still in awe of them and the awesome things they inspire people to do: going over in barrels, walking high wires, writing epic poems and attempting daredevil feats.