Dancing in Malawi

In Africa, to dance is to live.

Ever since I arrived in Malawi, it seems that I have been surrounded on all sides by impromptu dancing. Just clap your hands or bang a drum, and someone within earshot will start dancing.

Dancing is also one of the principle education methods for  Save The Children’s HEART program (Healing & Education Through the Arts) and over the past few days (as I have visited villages in the Zomba District), I have watched children dance and I have danced along with them.

To watch these children dance with freedom and ease is encouraging and cheerful. While most of them have reasons to be sad and discouraged, they are not. Instead they move their bodies with joy and celebration, expressing themselves freely.

This video captures some of the dances I saw in Malawi. I also hope that it captures a small part of the happiness I felt among these wonderful children.

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A young boy dances in a circle as part of Save The Children's HEART program in Malawi. (Photo by Andrew Evans, National Geographic Traveler)