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My Favorite Twitter Followers

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Those who dream of travel, will travel. (Vintage 1960's airline poster, Creative Commons)

Happy Bicentennial!

Today is a big anniversary for me as this is my 200th post on this blog, Digital Nomad.

I feel very fortunate to have made it this far and I have all of you to thank. A good blog is one part writer and many parts reader and I feel as if I’ve got some of the best readers the internet has to offer.

It’s kind of hard to believe that 200 posts have come and gone so quickly–over the past 15 months we’ve traveled to so many wild destinations. The adventures have been ripe, rich and interactive. So far together we’ve:

. . . and we’re just getting started!

The world is vast and calling, and the possibilities for travel are infinite. As grateful as I am for this virtual real estate to tell my stories, I am even more grateful to all of you for your interest, devotion, and willingness to follow me to the far ends of the earth. You are good travelers and I love taking you with me.

Those who follow along on Twitter know that this is where the real adventures take place. With Twitter, I am never alone on the road–I always have thousands of enthusiastic travelers smelling, tasting, feeling, and exploring alongside me. I always value your insights, suggestions and great comments. To all of you who read this blog and follow me on Twitter I say thank you and please, keep traveling with me!

To those of you who’ve shown particular loyalty all along and taken an active part in my journeys, I want to offer a double thank you. Having you with me on the road is always so much fun and I read every one of your tweets to me like a letter from a friend. I wish I could respond to each of you in person, but since I can’t, I would like to at least highlight a few of my favorite Twitter followers.

These are the folks that can make me laugh out loud, especially when I find myself in some tricky situation in the field. These are the brains that can teach me something about the destination where I’m traveling, or offer me some golden nugget of knowledge; the folks who have the enthusiasm to learn with me and who are intrigued by the world as much as I am.

To celebrate my 200th blog post, I would like to commemorate all of you and the dedication you have shown to this blog. Again, it’s impossible to list all of you this time, but I would like to at least introduce the rest of you to some of your amazing online traveling companions. I present to you (in no particular order):

  • @USElaine “History ninja, science guru & culture cantor,” Elaine is not entirely human because this woman does not sleep. No matter the time zone I’m tweeting from, I can always count on Elaine tweeting back from California. She’s also a great cocktail consultant with a wicked sense of humor. Love you, Elaine!
  • @nearafar Natalie is a talented writer up in Canada who I met online and then met in person. She’s a worldwide traveler, a consummate foodie and a cheerful gal. Hugs to you Natalie!
  • @NHillgarth Nigella is a scientist and oceanographer who like me, loves everything underwater. I love learning from her and having her along, especially at sea!
  • @travelingbruin Barbara is a travel addict just like me. Her enthusiasm is contagious and I often bask in her Twitter light.
  • @NormalGeo Kevin is a geography teacher fighting the good fight, teaching us all about the world and how cool it is. To me, he’s an American hero.
  • @desigurrl Meliha loves the world, loves travel, and loves blogging. I love having her along for the ride. Thanks Meliha.
  • @TodraPayne Todra has such a positive view of life and the beauty of the world, it’s hard not to smile when reading her tweets.
  • @maybeblessed Monica hails from Missouri and keeps me balanced with Midwest realness. She leaves the nicest comments on my blog. I dream of sitting in a rocking chair and chatting all afternoon with Monica.
  • @tweetingjoy Joy really is a joy and I love her responses to things that I share from my travels.
  • @amytravels Amy is one of my editors at National Geographic Traveler and another great traveler to follow! She’s also a super mom who ventures far and wide with two young children. (I loved reading her  insiders’ insights when I was in Budapest.)
  • @brookeschoenman Brooke lives in Australia but gets around big time. She’s a true adventurer and a lady. Thanks for all your RT’s Brooke!
  • @MiddleSeatView Oh Christina! You make me chuckle with your awesome sense of humor. No matter how bad things are, I can count on Christina to get me laughing and for that, I thank you!
  • @andiamo Jessica rules. She knows Italy better than most and is so enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge with others. Love you Jessica!
  • @KirstenAlana Photographer and travel addict Kirsten appreciates the scenes I send from around the world and that always means a lot to me. Thank you Kirsten.
  • @ShanABD Shan has the bright spirit of an activist who lives in my favorite Aussie city. She appreciates beautiful photography, nature, people and animals. Thanks for your Twitter love Shan!
  • @JCreatureTravel Jeanine wins the award for most RT’s ever. (Thank you Jeanine!) If there’s a place in the world, Jeanine has an insightful tip for it.
  • @giopalatucci New Jersey native Gio is my former producer & an all-around social media whiz kid. Though I miss working with her, I love following her online and catching up with her via iPhone screen!
  • @adeej Can’t forget kiwi friend Adrian who uses his professional research skills for good! Thanks for traveling with me Adrian!
  • @MarisaGreen Musician and traveler Marisa always has something thoughtful to share. Thank you so much Marisa!
  • @TheHomeworkDog Ms. Kristen is a dedicated schoolteacher in Minnesota who brightens her students’ minds with all the cool stuff she curates from the web. I love her innovative spirit and energy online. Tusen Takk Lise!
  • @KenGreig Ken’s been with me since the first day when I climbed on that bus to Antarctica and when I’m trying to elude you on a plane or train, then Ken is always the first to accurately guess my location and destination. He’s a true navigator and real explorer, and I really enjoy having him traveling with me.
  • @lilblackduck Queensland diver & biologist Liz is a terrific commentator and very knowledgeable when it comes to her passions. Thanks Liz!
  • @shelternook represents The South and everything that’s good and Southern. I always appreciate her strong and grandmotherly spiritual guidance.
  • @JPCoulter Jeff is a hilarious commentator and an avid scuba diver. Thanks Jeff!
  • @6thgradersrule 6th grade teacher Sara Hemenway has been with me from the beginning and uses Twitter to teach her many students. I was fortunate enough to speak to her school in Hutto, TX, and hope to visit again someday. Go Hippos!
  • @TravelDesigned Stephanie navigated me through Mexico and is so kind, she sent me a personalized T-shirt! This woman knows a lot about travel and I’m glad to have her brains and heart on my side.
  • @Moirabrowne Moira is just so cool that like so many of my followers, I wish I could hang out with her in real life. Hand salutes to you in Kingston, Moira!
  • @BennyIrawan Benny hails from Indonesia and has been begging me to come and cover Jakarta. One of these days, Benny!
  • @Abaesel2 Annette lives in Montreal for some of the year, so we have a common love. She also gets around and I always love hearing about her latest adventures. She is gracious, witty, and genuine. Merci Annette!
  • @banaifeldstein Banai is a Utah-based genealogist with a real love for history, fact, and the way we’re all connected. I love reading her comments!
  • @ZAmmi Lives in England, and keeps it smart with her sharp eye and tongue. I also get the impression that she appreciates the antics of feline friends. Thank you Zammi!
  • @MaxineGaddis Ah, Maxine. You are so cool and such a renaissance woman. Thank you for always popping up on my screen at just the right time. You’re staging is so à propos.
  • @AJLandmines Not only does Andrew have a cool name, he lives in Texas! I love having someone sporty on our traveling Twitter team!
  • @danthompson_TN I like my Tweeps smart, savvy and sassy and Dan is all of those! He’s also a bit of a maven in that he can sniff out all the cool stuff on the internet. High five, Dan.
  • @rogue1971 Nancy hails from one of my favorite islands on earth, Les Îles de la Madeleine. She’s got a great perspective on life and the world and she LOVES to travel. Bisous to you Nancy!
  • @AnisIbrahim Live from Malaysia, Anis is a storyteller who makes the best of what the internet has to offer. I love reading your tweets, Anis.
  • @MsKellyButler represents the blonde intellectual community of the world, with thoughtful commentary on a whole range of topics. Thank you Kelly!
  • @ottsworld I’ve only met Sherry once but I already know she’s a kindred spirit. A talented photographer and global go-getter, she is one adventurous women who I love connecting with on Twitter.
  • @NGKids Last but not least, National Geographic’s magazine for kids is a great follow. I love learning from them and love how much they appreciate all my dogs!

Forgive me for not continuing with my list. There are thousands of you and just one of me. I would love to mention you all by name and thank you individually, alas, I have a plane to catch in a few hours and must start packing my bags.

Thank you all so much for traveling with me thus far and hope you’ll stick with me for many adventures to come.

See you online!

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