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7 Bonus Photos From the Latest Issue of Our Magazine

We struggled with more great photography than space in the April/May issue of Traveler magazine. Take a look at our favorite bonus photos. 

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April/May issue of Traveler magazine 

In the April/May issue of Traveler magazine, we highlight multigenerational itineraries across all seven continents—from a six-year-old star photographer touring the American Southwest to penguin-packed Antarctica for the travelers who think they've seen it all.

Writers and photographers went off the beaten path to underrated cities in Europe, to trek gorillas in the mountains of Rwanda, and to visit Nepal one year after its devastating earthquake. Then our photo editors took on a herculean task of choosing the top photos from this world of diversity for the print magazine.

Here are seven favorite bonus photos:

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Gentoo penguins in Antarctica 

Gentoo penguins jump for joy into the chilly waters off the rocky coastline of Petermann Island, Antarctica. Travelers will find much more than wildlife in multitudes on this otherworldly landscape. >Read "What to Expect on Your First Trip to Antarctica"

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Nepal's village of Kagbeni 

The village of Kagbeni feels constant mist from the Kali Gandaki River in the remote Mustang region of Nepal. Despite last year's devastating earthquake, this enchanting Himalayan country is ready for travelers to return. >Read "Why You Should Travel to Nepal Now"

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Ilica street in Zagreb, Croatia

One of the main thoroughfares of the Croatian capital, Ilica street flaunts boutiques and conceals quirky alleyways. Zagreb is only one worthwhile stop on this insider-inspired European itinerary. >Read "Europe's Rising Stars: Three Cities to Visit Now"

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#FollowMeTo Instagrammers in Hong Kong

Nataly and Murad Osmann hop on a boat headed toward the iconic Jumbo Kingdom Restaurant in Hong Kong, one of the world's largest floating restaurants. Learn about our choice to feature their viral Instagram #FollowMeTo series in National Geographic Traveler>Read "How Instagram Stars Landed on Our Magazine Cover"

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Icelandic horses on grassland

With grasslands grazed by horses, lava-formed caves, and 90-foot-tall icebergs, Iceland's diverse landscapes just beg to be explored. No matter a traveler's interest, this Nordic island nation offers something for everyone. >Read "Iceland Trips for Any Traveler"

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Slab City in California's Sonoran Desert

These televisions may not have electricity in Slab City, California, but the installation stands as a powerful reminder of this alternative squatter community's ideals. Many offbeat locations are found on three Southewest road-trip loops. >Read "Adventures in Wonderland: Road Tripping the American West"

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A young mountain gorilla at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda

Roughly half of the world's mountain gorilla population lives in the rain forests of Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. As this young gorilla poses, it's easy to understand why travelers would want to witness the magificient creatures in their natural habitat. >Read "How to See Endangered Mountain Gorillas in the Wild"