Spooky Shelves: Haunted Libraries Around the World

If you’ve seen Ghostbusters

(pictured) you know that libraries are prone to paranormal activity.

But for all you skeptics out there who doubt the credibility of the movie that involves a giant Stay Puft Marshmallow Man – you should know that Britannica is on board as well.

And now, a new and improved list of spooky shelves is in the works.

Entries have been updated, libraries have been added, and most of the listings include links to the libraries. Find the full list after the jump.

Eberhart has been posting lists for specific regions each day of this week:

Monday, October 27th: Libraries in the Northeast, U.S.
Tuesday, October 28th: Libraries in the Midwest, U.S.
Wednesday, October 29th: Libraries in the South, U.S.
Thursday, October 30th: Libraries in the West, U.S.
Friday, October 31st: International Libraries

The ghosts around our headquarters in DC don’t seem to be big readers. Eberhart only mentions one literary haunting, in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol Building. Apparenty the ghost of a male librarian haunts the rooms to the west of the Rotunda, which once housed the Library of Congress. The spirit is searching for $6,000, which he stashed in the pages of some obscure volumes. (The actual money was found when the collection moved to the Jefferson Building in 1897.)

So, which states on the list have the most bookworms with unfinished business? Pennsylvania tops the list with 17 haunted libraries, and Texas comes in at a close second, with 16.

Have you had a spooky trip to the library? Tell us about it.

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Photo: Screen shot from the movie Ghostbusters (1984), via Entertainment Weekly