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Virtual Galápagos

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Our friends down the hall at National Geographic Expeditions are offering a free webinar

next week on the Galápagos Islands, and are inviting Intelligent Travel readers to join them online on October 20, 2009, from 8-9 p.m. EDT. Full details from the Expeditions crew follow below.

The Galápagos Islands are home to a fascinating array of unique wildlife. Frigate birds puff out their scarlet pouches, 100-year-old giant tortoises lumber through the grasses, and brilliant Sally light-foot crabs scamper across dramatic rocks covered with sunning marine iguanas. Incredibly, these fantastic creatures have no instinctive fear of humans.

National Geographic Expeditions and Lindblad Expeditions have been exploring the Galápagos together for years. Now we invite you to join National Geographic marine biologist Mike Heithaus and veteran expedition leader Carlos Romero on a virtual trip to this magical place. During our upcoming webinar, you’ll get a taste of the islands and their wonders–and what makes our expeditions there so special. You’ll take a stroll through our ships, meet our naturalists, and learn why our Galápagos trip is a truly spectacular adventure.

When you sign up for the webinar (it’s free), you’ll be able to email questions  to the Expeditions staff in advance, and any questions that they don’t have time to answer during the webinar, they will call you up and answer on the spot. If you’d like to read about this 10-day voyage about the National Geographic Endeavor or Islander, (that’s right, we have our own navy), check the Expeditions website here.

Photo: National Geographic Expeditions

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