Citizen Journalism in Kibera

High school student Kyle Bullington traveled to Kenya this summer, where he lived and worked in the Nairobi neighborhood of Kibera, the largest slum in Africa, on a unique volunteer project.

Residents of Kibera watch a video created by the Carolina for Kibera team

This summer, high school student Kyle Bullington arrived in Kibera with a unique goal: To enable the youth in the community of one of the world’s biggest slums to share their

perspectives on life there through short video clips. “Most people around the world are blind to the sufferings of

approximately a million people in this community,” Kyle wrote in a piece for the Huffington Post. “I felt that the best

means to depict the story of Kibera would be through video.” Kyle worked to develop the video project with the group Carolina For Kibera, an NGO that works on public health and community development issues in the region. Noting that “the only footage that ever makes it out of Kibera is that which is

taken by foreigners,” Kyle arranged for Pure Digital and Apple to donate equipment for the project, and brought 10 Flip

video cameras and two 24-inch iMacs to the slum. We asked him to give us an update on how the community is recording their stories.

Shortly after arriving in Kibera, I created a YouTube channel for the organization and began recording my story in the slum. I then trained a group of four locals involved in the organization to film and edit video. I posted eight YouTube videos during my two-week stay and then handed the channel over to my trained team to begin making their own posts. 

Since returning home, I have seen the group I trained continue to improve on their moviemaking abilities. They have been making monthly posts about different aspects of life in Kibera. They recently did a video with the Carolina For Kibera founder about morning life in Kibera. I hope that these videos will continue to gain exposure and enable Kiberans to create global awareness about slum life.

Check out one of the videos after the jump.

Thanks to Kyle, the Carolina for Kibera staff, and the citizens of Kibera for allowing us a glimpse into their daily lives. For more videos from the team Kyle Bullington trained in Kibera check out their YouTube Channel. And for more information about the Carolina for Kibera organization, watch a video from the Center for Strategic and International Studies about the work they are doing with health clinics in the slum.

Photo, Kyle Bullington; Video, Carolina for Kibera