Tour Guide: Chase a Tornado

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Picture it: you’re a passenger sitting comfortably in an SUV as it drives merrily along in the nation’s Tornado Alley–in peak season–because you and fellow passengers are closing in on a storm. Several tornado chasing tours have set people on such a path for years.

Consider booking with Storm Chasing Adventure Tours, and for $2,600, you could be chasing storms for a week with accommodations included. Cloud 9 Tours are currently taking names down for two-week chases in 2011 for as low as $2,800, and there may be a few spots left for 2010. Book a six-day tour with Silver Lining Tours for $2,400 or a ten-day tour for around $3,000. Each package includes a keepsake DVD. Whether your DVD will contain a turbulent, Twister-esque cow, is yet to be determined. [Jaunted

Photo: Jaunted