Where’s Andrew? Balloon Boy

Just one day after planting my feet on the great Australian continent, I took off again. Flying in a hot air balloon was something that I’d always wanted to try. It also proved a nice introduction to the city of Melbourne.

Some of the first modern cartographers used hot air balloons to make their maps and I can see why. Floating gently over a landscape allows for a rare 360 degree view and wind permitting, a slow and steady transit. Melbourne is also a perfect place to fly over because it’s such a colorful and intricate city with its terracotta-tile roofs and the brilliant flowering trees in people’s backyards. Looking down from the sky, I was able to see city wake up, one dogwalker at a time.

So yes, I think I’m hooked on ballooning. Flying low and slow is the way to go. Click through for a video of my flight.

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