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The Radar: Coney Island’s New Coaster, Egypt Travel Warning Dropped, LA Crochet Graffiti

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  • Coney Island will open this summer with four new attractions including The Soarin’ Eagle, the first new coaster to built in New York City since the historic Cyclone in 1927. The new rides are part of the Coney Island Revitilization Plan.  [Brooklyn Nomad]
  • The U.S. State Department lifted its travel warning to Egypt last week, ending mandatory departures for the embassy. The airports, including the one in Cairo, are open and operating. Egyptian and U.S. tourism officials are encouraging travelers to return to Egypt to support the tourism industry there. [Downtown Traveler]
  • The latest street art graffiti to hit L.A. is yarn bombing. Armed with yarn and crochet hooks, yarn bombers bring warmth to everything from public statues to trees and lampposts. [NPR]

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Photo: Efim Podovich/My Shot

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