Breaking News: Serengeti Highway Halted

“Two weeks after Traveler published this story about building a commercial highway across Serengeti National Park, the government of Tanzania has tabled plans for commercial use, stating that the gravel road to be built inside the park will be for national park administrative and tourism purposes.  In an official letter dated June 22, Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism announced that although a commercial highway will still be built in the region to meet the country’s economic development needs, it will not pass inside Serengeti National Park as previously planned. Serengeti Watch, an advocacy organization opposed to the highway and cited in the story, declared “a battle has been won,” but noted the struggle to save the Serengeti will go on as development pressures continue. We agree. Traveler applauds the decision by Tanzanian authorities that a planned commercial road will no longer cut across the world-famous national park.” —The Editors

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