Top Tweets from @WheresAndrew

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Photo courtesy of Andrew Evans/NGS

Have you been following along with our digital nomad Andrew Evans as he explores Ontario?  If not, catch up with him on Twitter at @WheresAndrew and on his Digital Nomad blog. In the past two weeks he’s:

  • tweeted from a WWII Lancaster bomber (right), one of only two still flying
  • video-blogged his camping trip in Bronte Creek Regional Park, complete with tweeted toasted marshmallows & ghost stories
  • photographed Niagara Falls from a helicopter
  • blogged his visit to the home of Alexander Graham Bell where the first telephone call was made, & tromped through mud & nettles to find AGB’s “Dreaming Place”
  • photo-tweeted an elegant 7-course dinner in  Toronto
  • met some hipsters in Yorkville
  • organized a @WheresAndrew tweetup in Toronto and met several of his devoted followers

One of his followers commented:

“I love that @WheresAndrew‘s tweets always sound like haikus.” —@ehalvey

Here are a few of our favorite tweets from his recent adventures:

Encouraging sign, running bearded moose ahead: #Ontario

At CN Tower, little boy in line: “. . And then once you get to the top, you just jump, WEEEE!” Pause. Little sister responds, “Sounds fun!”

Rain takes over the city. Cars splash; a girl hides beneath a newspaper: #Toronto

How hip is my restaurant/hotel? The menus are made from old vinyl record covers: #Toronto

Niagara-on-the-Lake is the kind of place where if you swing a cat, you’re bound to hit an ice cream shop, real estate office or an actor.

Forgot to warn employees of House of Dracula that if punched in the dark, I fight back. One of them swears at me. Like I said: I’m hardcore.

I was just about to climb over the railing for a better look, when I saw this informative sign: #PSA #NiagaraFalls

Staring at the American Falls, which are too often overlooked: If it was in Oklahoma, it’d get more attention.

Cue Aladdin soundtrack “A Whole New World!” (incidentally, theme of my prom) RT @USelaine: I’m beginning to think you travel by magic carpet

Cheese made by French-speaking monks, what’s not to love? A musty, serious cheese–“The Thinker” in a bowler hat. Delish.

“Don’t keep forever on the public road going only where others have gone” Great quote from Alexander Graham Bell.

Follow Andrew on Twitter and read his latest post about going fishing on Lake Sanford in Western Ontario.