Saint Basil’s Cathedral Turns 450 Today With a Google Doodle

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is 450 years old today, and Russia is celebrating with a gift from Google: a doodle dedicated to the onion-domed structure.

The 16th-century cathedral, standing in Moscow’s Red Square, was originally commissioned by Ivan the Terrible to commemorate his military victories. Saint Basil’s Cathedral, now museum, is a masterpiece of Orthodox art and is one of the world’s most iconic sacred places.

Saint Basil’s, which recently completed a decade-long, multi-million dollar restoration project, marks today’s anniversary with the debut of a new exhibition displaying “relics and icons of St. Basil and other religious eccentrics,” according to the Associated Press.

Enjoy this photo gallery of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, then visit National Geographic online for additional photos and travel guides.