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Rainer Jenss

Southern Hemisphere Beach Gems

Because we’ve got sand on our minds these days, I’ve compiled a list of five more amazing beaches from around the world that can serve as inspiration for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere who may be longing for some surf and sun once the weather turns cold here. Don’t forget to check out my first five beach picks.

Margaret River: Australia

Australia is a country known for world-class beaches, but perhaps the nicest of them all are rarely visited. Margaret River boasts some of the best scenery in Western Australia, with towering forests, gorgeous vineyards, rugged coastlines, and of course, white sandy beaches that draw surfers from around the world with top-level surfing competitions. What’s more, there’s also an extensive system of over 350 underwater caves hidden below the surface of the Margaret River area, making it a diver’s delight.

Wineglass Bay: Tasmania

For travelers lucky enough to make it to this part of eastern Tasmania, they’ll notice what makes Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park so special: not just the beach itself, but the view of it from high atop Mount Amos. Whether you decide to hike down to the sandy crescent-shaped beach or climb up the mountain for the view, either option is going to be a workout. If you mention Wineglass Bay to a Tasmanian, you’ll see their eyes light up with thoughts of fishing and boating, bushwalking, sea kayaking, rock climbing, sun and sand, and of course, spectacular coastal scenery.

Abel Tasman: New Zealand

Abel Tasman National Park, located at the top of New Zealand’s South Island, is renowned for its golden beaches, dramatic granite cliffs, and hiking trails, yet few people have ever been there. One reason is that the most dramatic beaches in the park are only accessible by boat. The journey is well rewarded, however, for those who make the effort.  Once there, you can rent a kayak and get a closer view of the resident sea lions.

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Jim Lorenz

Cape Town, South Africa

Traveling to Africa usually conjures up visions of safari. If your destination is South Africa, a stopover in Cape Town is a must before heading into the bush. Once there, you won’t want to miss Cape Town’s beaches, which range from secluded bays to long, open stretches of sand and surf. The west side of the Cape Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean is where the more fashionable set go to see and be seen. The east side of the peninsula on the warmer Indian Ocean, is generally more laid back and not as frenetic as the Atlantic coastline. For a different seaside experience, try Boulders Beach, which forms part of a conservation area home to the African penguin.

Copacabana: Rio, Brazil

Simply put, Copacabana Beach is one of the wold’s most exciting vacation getaways.  It’s a breathtaking 2.5-mile stretch of bright sand filled with people soaking up the sun and atmosphere. Within easy reach of a tropical refuge and just steps from the vivid metropolis of Rio de Janeiro, no other beach in the world compares.

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