The Radar: Art Deco Destinations, Kicked Off for Crying, Curious New Zealand

  • Art Deco architecture blossomed in the 1920s and 1930s, but the style can still be enjoyed today in cities around the world. For example, in Miami, Florida’s South Beach, admire the brightly painted art deco apartments and hotels that line the city blocks. [Brilliant Tips]
  • According to an ABC news report, a woman was kicked off her Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Dallas for crying. The woman was traveling to Texas with her sister to visit their father who had recently suffered from a heart attack. A combination of the personal circumstances with a slight fear of flying caused the woman to burst into tears. The two sisters were removed from the plane and rebooked on a later flight.  A spokesperson from Southwest called the incident a “verbal altercation with the flight attendant.” [MSN]

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Photo: Dan Thrubon/My Shot