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The Radar: Best of Bali, Flight Attendants With iPads, Quirky Capitals of the World

  • Bali is a destination that enchants and delights. Get tips on which places to see and what to avoid. [Telegraph]
  • British Airways is equipping its flight attendants with in-flight iPads as a means to enhance customer service. The iPad will contain detailed customer information like seat assignment, meal preference and past travel arrangements. The device is also loaded with safety manuals and crew schedules. [Mashable]
  • Quick! Name the Duct Tape Capital of the World? Dont know? That would be Avon, Ohio. How about the Sock Capital of the World? You guessed it (or maybe not,) it’s Fort Payne, Alabama. Although we’re unclear how these towns were bestowed their off beat titles, one thing is certain, the U.S. is king of quirky capitals. [Lonely Planet]

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