App Review: The World by National Geographic

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Explore the globe with Nat Geo Mobile‘s new app for iPad: The World by National Geographic. This digital atlas–packed with map views, country information, photos, and flags–will have you ditching your clunky globe for this robust, interactive version.

The new app (available on iTunes, $3.99) combines the novelty of a spinning globe with the functionality of an interactive atlas. Swipe your fingers to rotate the globe, pinch and zoom in on all parts of the world, and click to blanket the world’s topography with political maps. All maps are completely up-to-date and even include the world’s newest country, South Sudan, which was founded on July 9, 2011. Plus, you’ll find accurate and interactive views of the polar regions (the first for a globe of this kind).

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Users can tap the map to unveil country information such as population, flag, area, and stunning Nat Geo photography.

The World is loaded with information you’d expect of an atlas as well as fun bonus content and social media sharing. Search for countries alphabetically or by flag to access regional maps and country-specific information like climate, population, and government. Stunning photography by National Geographic and My Shot Community photographers accompanies each country. Users will enjoy taking screenshots or “snapshots” of the globe to share with friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, or via email.

Keep in mind that The World app and all of its functionality require a network connection–which occasionally means a bit of waiting to pull together its patchwork planet into a seamless browsing experience. Both fun and functional, The World by National Geographic is a necessary addition to your digital library.