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The Radar: National Park Expands, MileWise Search, 12 Career Skills That Travel Will Improve

  • Arizona’s Petrified Forest National Park has expanded by 26,000 acres. The new land was purchased from a ranching family after years of negotiation. The acreage is said to be rich with archaeological and paleontological artifacts, and scientists will have first access to the field before it opens to the public. [Gadling]
  • Prospective travelers can use a myriad of flight search engines to narrow down ticket options by date, time, or price. However one site is introducing a completely new factor: frequent flier miles. MileWise examines a user’s miles and points to find the most affordable itinerary. [Mashable]
  • For many, it’s tough to decide to put a career on hold to travel. Although many fear extended travel will hurt their careers, long term travel can, in fact, boost a résumé. Discover 12 job skills that travel improves. [BootsnAll]

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Photo: Don Barrie/My Shot