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Egypt's White Desert by Dordo Brnobic/My Shot

The Radar: The World’s Unearthly Landscapes, Amtrak on Hipmunk, Vermont’s Great Corn Maze

  • These landscapes are unique, weird, and downright out of this world. In Egypt’s White Desert, oddly-shaped, white chalk formations dot the dark brown sand. [Wild Junket]
  • Travelers using the flight search engine, Hipmunk, will now see Amtrak fares listed alongside airline ticket prices. Search results will also display Wi-Fi availability, and travelers can click a fare to book directly on [tnooz]
  • Get lost in the Great Vermont Corn Maze. Each year North Danville, Vermont challenges visitors to complete its three-mile corn maze. The maze is so difficult nearly 80 percent of adults can’t complete it and need to be led out by workers. Now through October 19 book special hotel packages through Vermont Vacationland to receive two complimentary adults passes to the maze. [Smarter Travel]

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Photo: Dordo Brnobic/My Shot