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Now on Newsstands: Traveler’s October Issue

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A TASTE OF TRAVEL We hope you brought your appetite, because the October issue of National Geographic Traveler, now on newsstands, is packed with mouthwatering photos and hunger-inducing essays on 167 real food experiences.

“Our first annual food issue is more about the meeting of food and culture than it is about recipes and dishes,” writes Keith Bellows in this month’s Editor’s Note. “The idea behind the section is simple: There is no better place to discover true culture than where folks congregate to eat and drink.”

In this issue we point you toward authentic meals in the places that concocted or perfected them– great tastes inseparable from great places. You’ll find a savory sampling of the world’s best breakfasts, international food festivals, European markets, and vineyard stays. Plus, our writers dish about their most memorable food journeys such as chowing down at a traditional Chinese banquet, savoring Belgian waffles in Antwerp, and embarking on a quest for a hangover cure in New Orleans.

Our special Food & Travel section online is the perfect accompaniment to this meaty issue. Discover delicious photo galleries, foodie road trips, top 10 lists, and quizzes to test your good eats I.Q.

But the issue isn’t all about food. You will find familiar voices as well. Columnist Daisann McLane details how visiting a place during an intense political movement, like an election, can yield indelible insights; Editor Keith Bellows chats with chef and sustainable seafood advocate Barton Seaver; and Costas Christ questions if eco-friendly cruise lines will act responsibly on land.

Plus, we help you spend 48 hours in London, go birding in the Everglades, road trip through central Greece, and take the kids to Rio de Janeiro.

All this in one issue? Pick one up on newsstands today, subscribe to have Traveler delivered right to your door, or download a digital copy to your iPad.

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