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The Radar: Adopt a Penguin, Winter Weather Camera Gear, World’s Weird Snacks

  • It’s easy to fall in love with the cute penguins populating Boulders Beach near Cape Town in South Africa. Although you can’t take one of these adorable birds home with you, you can adopt one. SANCCOB, or the South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds, has a penguin adoption program where money goes towards rehabilitating sick birds and releasing them back into the wild. [Wandering Earl]
  • Protect your camera from the elements. Check out this list of essential camera gear for extreme winter weather.  [Matador]
  • Fish eyes in Southeast Asia? Monkey toes in Indonesia? Grasshoppers in Mexico? Would you try these weird, world snack foods? [Got Saga]

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Photo: Thomas Allison/My Shot

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