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Four Family Spring Break Resources

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The holidays can be the most joyous, and stressful, time of year, so I don’t want to add to anyone’s anxiety by asking parents if they’ve made travel plans for their children’s spring break yet. After all, we haven’t even gotten through the winter recess, right? But as most moms and dads of school-aged kids would surely tell you, unless you’ve planned far enough in advance to secure a good deal, it can be quite a challenge finding an affordable, family -riendly getaway when school lets out.

Because you’ve got enough on your plate this time of year, here are some online resources that can help at least get the process started, and perhaps even land you the ideal vacation just when you’re ready for a respite from the winter weather that lies ahead.

My Little Swans As a very successful serial Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Katrina Garnett still found time to research and coordinate at least four unique family trips each year to coincide with her children’s school vacations.  Now she’s taken that experience to create a website for parents looking for unique travel getaways. This site will surely inspire to make any dream trip a reality.

Family Vacation Critic This website and e-newsletter features reviews of family-friendly hotels, resorts, destinations, and attractions. The site offers ideas for where to go, highlights the best travel deals, and provides advice for traveling with kids of all ages. In the family forum, members can ask questions about destinations or any aspect of traveling with kids, share their tips and ideas, and post reviews of the places they’ve visited. After more than ten years of providing families a resource for planning their travels, founder Lynn O’Rourke Hayes has overhauled the website with a fresh new look and layout, making it easier to browse for tips and ideas for planning thrilling adventure trips or traditional summer vacations.  The site also has book reviews, luxury and budget booking options, great travel deals and opportunities for trading travel secrets. Are you familiar with Globetrotting Mama, Ciao Bambino, or the Mother of All Trips? These are just three of the contributors who make up the site’s panel of experts to answer some of the most pressing family travel questions.  So if you need advice about how to travel with a preschooler or want tips on how to ensure your teenager doesn’t get bored on the next trip, this knowledgeable community of family travel bloggers has you covered.

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