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Durand calls himself a "taxi driver," but the rest of us call him "The Ambassador of New Orleans."

Irvin Durand: Ambassador of NOLA Goodness

I’ve been going about this all wrong, this looking for good in every city I visit.

See, there was an assumption that if someone was doing some real good, then they’d have an office with a big sign, or a business card…something to suggest or confirm the goodness. But that’s not always true.

When I jumped in a cab a few days ago in New Orleans, I met someone who was doing good without even knowing it. Taxi driver Irvin Durand was simply being himself. His wonderful, warm self.

I was so moved by his energy, and his love of company, that I asked him to help me out with something (see below).

But he did more than that.

He made me realize that good is all around us, in every city, everywhere — and that to use labels as the only sign post in the quest for good isn’t fair, because there are plenty of people who do it unwittingly, without looking for anything in return. It’s just part of who they are.

So, thank you, Irvin Durand, for opening my eyes a bit more, to all the goodness that happens every day. To seek is to find.

[Oh, and thanks for the snacks, too.]

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