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Photo Gallery: Keep Austin Weird

Trying to sum up Austin in seven photos, taken in 48 hours just doesn’t seem right.

You can’t hear the music, taste the BBQ, pay tribute to the late Leslie Cochran, dodge the fixed-gear bikes on South Congress, attend Eeyore’s birthday.

“Keep Austin Weird” used to be a motto, and is now a badge of honor — for all the misfits, buskers, thinkers, and pearl-snapped rascals who call this place home.

I called it that myself for a few years, and I miss it more each time I visit.

Let’s be outside.

Let’s catch three shows in one night.

Let’s only eat out of Airstream food trucks — and make all three meals brunch.

Should we give away the secret about the speakeasy underneath the church with a tunnel that connects it to the capital?

OMG, Bob Schneider just walked by!

You just don’t get Austin until you spend time in Austin.

So here’s hoping you do, and soon.

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