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Traveling and reading go hand in hand. (Photograph by Natalie Alexandrov, My Shot)
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#TripLit: Travel Book Thursdays

Walk into Traveler magazine’s offices any day of the week, and you’ll find our desks covered by a flood of new travel books and our in-boxes stuffed with catalogs and press releases.

We plunge into this torrent of words to pluck out pearls of new travel literature and share our finds in the magazine’s Trip Lit column. We do this because we think reading great books about great places can add another dimension to travel — or even substitute for it when schedules or ticket prices get between us and getting away.

Our intrepid Trip Lit reviewer, Don George, has written scads of award-winning books and articles and serves as an editor for Lonely Planet books and as a stellar interviewer for National Geographic author events. In short, he knows a good travel story when he sees one.

But we always have more travel book-related stuff than our column can accommodate: other great reads, Q&As with authors, our Ultimate Travel Library database, Nat Geo live author talks, and our staff book club (this month we’re reading Matthew Polly’s American Shaolin). That’s why we’re starting this new blog series.

Look for #TripLit posts on Thursdays on the blog, and join the conversation by following the #TripLit team on Twitter (@Don_George, @amytravels, @RRegister) and sharing your own literary finds and thoughts with us and each other by using the #TripLit hash tag.

Happy reading, and more soon,

National Geographic Traveler’s #TripLit team