Issue Insider: Endless Summer

Need a vacation? Traveler’s latest cover story takes you on a tour of our favorite lake escapes in North America – the perfect way to unplug and unwind this summer. The ripple effect of some R&R at any of these fresh-water getaways will last a lifetime.

Also in this issue: Tony Horwitz, the man who brought you Confederates in the Attic, travels through the mid-Atlantic (and time) to visit three pivotal Civil War sites. After checking out the 19th-century-style photo gallery by Robert J. Szabo online, you’ll agree that it’s impossible not to be “haunted by history” (and want to pick up the issue to read the story). Soak up 25 ways to savor the city of Montréal — then download the Taste of Montreal iPad app for more.

Editor-in-Chief Keith Bellows goes one-on-one with Andrew Ference, the Boston Bruin who is pushing the NHL to go green; Real Travel columnist Daisann McLane talks about the silver lining of travel mishaps; Boyd Matson soaks up the spirit of small-town parades; Costas Christ explores eco-friendly air travel; and Insider consumer advocate Christopher Elliot shares the best way to avoid travel disasters: by focusing on the things we can control.

Plus, find out everything you need to know in Cape Town, celebrate Joan of Arc’s 600th birthday in style with a road trip through France, and check out the best family trips in Vancouver.

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