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The Radar: World’s 10 Wildest Parties, Roam Like a Roman, Local Cuba in Pictures

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India's Festival of Holi marks the beginning of spring. (Photograph by Poras Chaudhary)
  • Calling all party animals: the wildest festivals from around the world await. From a city-wide food fight to an all-night blowout, these 10 events are worth the trip. [Reader’s Digest]
  • When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Check out how to eat, travel, and shop like a local in Italy’s capital city. [Fathom]
  • See Cuba like never before. Renowned photographer Sharyn Cairns gives us a glimpse of everyday life there in her warm, textural photo series. [Skip Town]

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Photograph by Poras Chaudhary, My Shot

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