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The Radar: Surreal Coastlines, Thai Food Secrets, The Sword in the Stone

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The Twelve Apostles on the Great Ocean Road in Southern Australia. (Photograph by Jeremie Noel, My Shot)
  • Writers from Melville to Hemingway have waxed philosophical about our mysterious attraction to the ocean. Kick up the awe factor with 37 of the world’s most surreal coastlines. [Matador Network]
  • Thai cuisine isn’t limited to fried rice and coconut milk soup. This article, profiling some of the best food Thailand has to offer, will get your taste buds craving a trip to Bangkok. [Boots ‘n All]
  • You probably thought the Arthurian legends were just that — legends. But the Sword in the Stone really does exist…in an Italian chapel. Still skeptical? Check it out here. [Atlas Obscura]

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Photograph by Jeremie Noel, My Shot

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