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The Radar: Galway Guide, Cafe Culture, Everyday Afghanistan

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Galway's 16th-century Dunguaire Castle is open to tourists in the summer. (Photograph by Nicola Mannion, My Shot)

  • If you’re planning a whirlwind tour of Ireland, make sure Galway, on the country’s southwestern coast, is on your list. This handy guide tells you how to maximize your time in this authentically Irish city. [New York Times]
  • Should you drink your coffee quickly or slowly? Sitting down, or standing up? Here’s your ticket to understanding cafe culture — and learning how to look like a local — all over Europe. [As We Travel]
  • Afghanistan may not make it onto your leisure travel short-list for some time, but the culture and landscapes you’ll find there are impressive in their own right. This video gives you a glimpse of daily life in Afghanistan without a drop of danger. [The Culturist]

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